My suitcase

My life has always been in a certain way related to a suitcase.

A suitcase that was empty at the beginning and which, as time was going by, was getting filled with experiences, challenges, knowledge, places, people and cultures.

I was born in Madrid, a city where I lived my childhood and started to acquire some important values for life that formed the base of my suitcase.

Before being twelve my suitcase, my family and I moved to Brussels due to my father’s job, who was a journalist for the public Spanish radio.
It was there where I had to face the first big challenge of my life: adapt myself to a new country and learn a completely different language. I stayed there for four years in which I lived a part of my adolescence, learning how to deal with diverse and difficult situations, and getting to know a different culture.

After these four years, we moved back to Madrid. I was sixteen and still at secondary school, I had to readapt myself again.
Once I finished school, I decided to study a degree in Advertising and Public Relations at Rey Juan Carlos University, another big challenge. On my second year at university, my family moved to a city close to Madrid. In spite of this, I faced the third big challenge of my life: to become independent. So I put all I had inside my suitcase and started a new life on my own. I worked in a clothes shop to pay my flat and at the same time, I was getting my degree. 
The way of life I’d chosen meant quite an enormous effort for me. Meanwhile, I filled myself up with new feelings. My suitcase was becoming bigger and bigger.

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Photo by Fredrick Kearney Jr. Source: Unsplash

A year before finishing my degree, I realized that I was feeling highly stagnant and my suitcase wasn’t getting filled up anymore. Therefore I prepared it again and moved to London. In there I spent two of the most important years of my life, where I matured, I improved my English, I learned how to survive and made excellent friendships.
London is a wonderful city and I was happy there, but I had to complete my studies, so once again, my suitcase and I went back to my origins.

When I arrived at Madrid, I had some plans in mind, but over time, they were dissipating. I wasn’t able to readapt myself, I was felling out of place and I was missing London. My suitcase and I were stagnant again. I finalized my degree, but I felt quite lost. It was impossible to find a job out of hospitality and I wasn’t happy there. I needed a new plan, so I moved to Ibiza to work for the summer season, that way I could save money and had time to think what I wanted to do with my life.
During this six months period, I met a person, my soul mate, who had the same way of feeling and thinking as me.
After an amazing summer full of music, feelings, sun, sea and hard work, we both decided to save more money and carry together my suitcase to Berlin. There I could keep on filling it up, at the same time as we could develop ourselves.

Last winter went by in Madrid again, slowly, while we were dreaming about Berlin and making our plans coming true. Work was becoming hard, and my suitcase and I felt more and more impatient to face the last challenge up to now in my life.

By Alex Wigan. Source: Unsplash

June came along with summer and finally, we moved to Berlin. The idea of coming to this city was completely different from all the other times I was traveling. Here I wish to settle down, find my place and a job that I truly enjoy, in which I can develop my aptitudes and creativity.
In a very short time, I achieved part of the goals I had, like getting a house, a job and learning German language. I write for an online magazine about Berlin and worked in the digital advertising area. But I haven´t finished yet, I want to keep on pursuing my dream: I want to become a professional communicator.


4 thoughts on “My suitcase

  1. I can imagine seeing this suitcase …. thank you for sharing your motivation. While I was reading, I was feeling like I was drinking a Energy can.


  2. Considering the high quality and deep meaning of your writings and pictures, I’m sure you’ll get quite a good number of followers. CARRY ON


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