Spring feelings

Spring Feelings


My home’s strident bell rings interrupting my Saturday morning dreams. I open my eyes; my body is heavy: I am tired. I wake up, maybe is the package I’ve order and hadn’t come yet.

I observe through the peephole, but nobody’s there. I open the door to have a proper look but suddenly a feeling invades and runs me from head to toe. Something’s changed, finally, has spring arrived.

I go back to my room and remove the curtains, the sun radiates the light winter had stolen, leaving behind the grayish clouds and cold.

Rapidly, I have a shower and get dressed up; don’t want to lose my time with silly things. I go downstairs and as soon as I get into the street I can notice how vitamin D is getting reactivated in my organism.

It smells different, it’s a warmer smell. It sounds different, the voices that can be heard in the distance are cozier and its echoes provoke me a pleasant sensation.

Birds are chirping joyfully; they’re also affected by spring’s fever.

Then I unlock my bike, I ride it and start cycling. The air hits slightly my hair, the floral aromas get into my nose producing itching and sneezing. An insect flies into my eye thus I have to stop and take it out.

Inevitably all this makes me experience a huge happiness.

Energy can be palpable in the atmosphere, as well as the good vibrations people are emitting. There is a desire of movement, relaxing, interacting and sharing. Parks are overflowing, terraces on the wide city’s sidewalks are full and ice cream shop’s cues are crowded. Faces are hidden by sunglasses and the bravest ones are wearing a t-shirt.

Short and depressive days are done, together with the tensed necks, shivers, creeps, TV movie and blanket afternoons, burning drinks, heavy coats and freeze.

Spring has ended up with winter’s darkness and like in every season, it is time to enjoy its peculiarities.



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