“Inspiration, where are you?” this thought has been on my mind for a long period. “what can I do? How? Am I ready?  Am I able? Am I creative?” Questions, questions and more questions!

Before turning thirty I thought I was not going to have any age crisis, but I did. “What am I doing with my life”, suddenly I started stressing about that idea. I couldn’t find a job in my area, I wanted to do several things at the same time but I wasn’t really doing any of them. I was afraid, I had a lack of self-confidence, I wanted to recycle my knowledge but I didn’t know how I wanted to start my own blog but no idea about what to write… I was completely blocked! And it was all getting worse and worse.

A photo by Samuel Zeller.
Photo by Samuel Zeller

But one day I woke up and said “STOP! I can’t keep on going like this, it is not the right way”. I relaxed and thought calmly “I don’t know what to do and how to start… maybe I need some help”. On that moment I decided to email Rosa (a friend’s friend who works as a PR in Spain and La Red (a Spanish association in Berlin; let’s say they were my two angels. I explained both my situation and asked for some advice.

Rosa gave me a powerful advice: create your personal branding, write about you. La Red gave me some information about a course going on in a month about online Marketing and communication, with the possibility of doing an internship in a company afterwards. It was all I needed and was looking for!

Immediately I started having ideas. I created this blog where I write about my thoughts; words were coming out of my mind. I had found it, inspiration came to me!

In the meantime, I was attending to Comunica’s seminars (organised by friends of Spain) in which I was refreshing my background. I learnt more about SEO, SEM, Online Marketing, Google, blogs, social media and Elevator Pitch. In addition to this, my motivation was also growing up thanks to all the highly qualified teachers and the organisation.

At the end of the course, we had to submit a project reflecting what we learnt to gain an internship. I could have done it about my personal branding. But that was easy; that’s why I decided to launch an idea my boyfriend and I had in mind: Vonnull; an online magazine about lifestyle and culture in Berlin ( ). Our goal is to approach the reader to different ways people live in the city by interviewing them in their houses.

I’ve been working very hard in all this during two months, combining everything with my job. It’s been hard work but truly worthy: I am inspired, I am motivated, I found my way, I learnt so much, I had really good feedback about what I am doing from so many people, I am going to do an internship in a company, I am writing… but the best thing is that I have a project: Vonnull. And I am going keep on with all of it because I believe in me.

Never give up, never think you cannot. Yes, you can, everything is possible, the only thing you have to do is to stop being afraid and believe in your possibilities. There is always a door that can be opened.

Photo by Todd Cravens

4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Your text were just the perfect spark to keep my fire on when I, just like it Happened to you, was starting to stop to believe in me.
    Thank you. Keep it on !!


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